YoungCapital wanted to establish an employee advocacy initiative that would function as an integrated part of communication and marketing.


To realize the ambitions, YoungCapital selected Sociuu to be the tool to orchestrate marketing, branding and recruitment initiatives amongst their employees.


Average open rate


Average engagement rate


Earned Media Value

Key takeaways

  • Young Capital started out with a pilot of 170 people and is currently using Sociuu within the whole organization of 1,100 employees as an integral part of their communication.
  • YoungCapital now sends out relevant content to their employees to share on social media, and since beginning now their whole organization of 1,100 employees uses Sociuu “one-click action” to post content on social media.

“We use Sociuu to give our employees structural, relevant and interesting content to share on social media. This helps us in telling our online story without spending media budget ”


— Nikki Hoevenaars Project manager, Marketing & Communication YoungCapital 

Results so far

  • 1,100 users onboarded in the Sociuu platform
  • The employee adaption to the EA program is as high as 38%
  • Of the total email sent to employees they have an average open rate of 66%
  • Average engagement rate of content shared by employees of 44%
  • they achieved more than 36.000 organic clicks to their website with a media value of over > €80.000