Sociuu is built to be simple, safe, smart and intuitive for employees and admins

Sociuu is designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can get maximum effect from running a structured employee advocacy program. Sociuu is not tied to any 3rd party platform and your employees will never have to share login details with Sociuu. All posts will be based on employees’ own login to social networks.


No Personal Logins

Employees are not linked to Sociuu, so they do not have to use personal logins in order to share posts.

Easy User Management

Easily import your employee data from excel files or .csv files and only map the data you need. 

GDPR Compliant

Data security is a first priority and all data is hosted within the EU.

One-Click Sharing

One-click selection of which social networks to share to increases employee engagement. 

Post To Social Networks

Sociuu lets employees post instantly to their favourite social networks: Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin,, Xing and

SaaS Software

Sociuu is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, which means it is accessible from any device at any time.

Social Wall

Sociuu Hub is employees’ personal social wall where they can find, personalize and publish great content with one click.

Give employees a full overview of customized content in one place. Here, they can share as much content as they prefer and they have their own personal dashboard to track their performance.

No Download

Log in to Sociuu Hub without any downloads or passwords. A unique link will give them a single point of entry. Every time.

Social Wall

Give employees the full overview of relevant content. Content on their social wall can be personalised and shared with one click.

Personal Statistics

Employees will have access to their own personal dashboard to track their posts and performance.

Content Hub

All your content. In one place.

Struggling to find the relevant content? Sociuu gathers all your relevant content from all your existing company channels into one central place. Filter by tags, source or date to find the most relevant content.

LinkedIn Company Page

Automatically surface recent posts from your LinkedIn company page and have them available right in the interface.

Facebook Pages

Have all your Facebook Page’s posts ready for sharing by connecting it to Sociuu. 

RSS Feed

Set up RSS feeds from any url to gather all relevant content in one place, like Instagram, Twitter, youtube, job postings from a recruitment site or press releases.

Insert From URL

Simply drop a URL into Sociuu and automatically import and organize all meta data such as images and titles, making post creation easy and seamless.

Post Creation

Easily create, draft and schedule post to be sent to the right employees at the right time

Full flexibility in creating posts and sending them to the right users, departments or groups at the exact time you want so you can get maximum effect.

Post Scheduling

Schedule posts to be sent at specific dates and hours so invites appear timely and relevant for the moment. 

Re-engage non-openers

With just one click, you are able to kindly remind non-openers about your email so you can increase engagement and ultimately shares. 

Change Images

Use the images from the original content or use your custom images.

Post Preview

Employees do not have to worry about how their post will look like, as it is possible to preview posts before publishing.

Create Video Posts

Create video posts from SoMe company profiles or simply insert the video-url

Multiple Posts

Create as many posts in an invite as you like, and the let employees pick their own favourite to increase relevancy. 

Watermark Post

Include a watermark text in images to ensure relevancy

Draft Posts

Save your post drafts so you can work on them and finish them whenever you like to. 

Target Groups Of Users

Organize users in groups to send specific content to specific employees or departments in order to increase relevance and increase shares

Post Distribution

Select your preferred distribution channels

You can easily engage your employees by sending your post invitations through your preferred internal communication method.

Frequency Cap

Utilize frequency capping to manage exactly how many invitations the same employee or group of employees will receive in order to stay relevant

Split-Send Invites

The “Split Send” function randomly presents one post for each user invited if multiple posts are chosen. Use this and only send to a subset of your audience to craft a winner version for the remaining users. 

Send in Pulses or Spikes

Decide to send invitations at once (spike) or distribute your invitations (pulse) during the next hours or days to create the desired effect.


Send invites by email

Microsoft Teams

Send invites to Microsoft Teams


Send invites to Slack

SMS / Text messages

Send invites by SMS / text messages


Send invites by WhatsApp


It will all be your own brand

Have your own domain appear on social media posts and let all emails be send from your domain as well.

Custom Domain

Enables you to customize the URL shown on social media when distributed through Sociuu

Customize Sender

Enables you to send invitations through your own email-domain. You will get a dedicated IP address set up with SPF and DKIM security.


Get all the insights you need to optimize your employee advocacy program

We offer comprehensive statistics and insights designed to keep momentum of your employee advocacy program. Combined with our seamless integration to your favorite analytics tool, you can analyze and report on the business values created from your employee advocacy program on your favourite analytics tool.


You will get a dashboard with overviews of all key metrics, designed to deliver best in class insights for administrators.

Integrate With Popular Analytics Tools

Integrate with your analytics tool or simply use UTM parameters to track the performance of your employee advocacy campaigns in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo/Piwik.

Earned Media Value

Using data from ordinary media buying and the engagement rates in Sociuu you are able to directly calculate how much you would otherwise have to spend on media. We call this earned media value.

Post Statistics

Get all the statistics on frequency, shares, engagements and earned media on all posts, so you are able to easily learn what performed well and what might need a little extra attention next time

Post Comparisons

Align and improve your efforts continuously by monitoring how each post performs in relation to other posts on metrics like employee engagement rates or clicks

Export Statistics

Export all data on specific users, groups or posts to run extra analysis.

Customer Success

We want you to succeed and we're here to help

As a customer you will have a dedicated customer success manager to ensure you get the maximum effect som Sociuu and employee advocacy per se. That’s why we help you with strategy, consulting, business case creation in addition to support.


With a Sociuu license you’ll get personalized onboarding of your audiences, admin training and social media training for employees. If you need other workshops please let us know and we will assist in that as well.


We offer consultancy of how to run your employee advocacy program including strategy, setting the right KPI’s and creating business cases for internal stakeholders.

Customer Success

You’ll get frequent coaching and sparring on your usage of Sociuu. This includes benchmarking your results against the industries. We also help you review KPIs and advice you on how to optimize your employee advocacy program


You can get free support on the usage of Sociuu Employee Advocacy platform by phone or email. Just reach out and we will gladly assist you.