A better way to reach and engage employees

Actimo makes internal communication and training simple with an engaging and insightful mobile-first platform for non-desk employees. With Actimo as your organization’s employee communication app, you can keep teams connected with the people and information they need at work, wherever they are.

Actimo + Sociuu

Give employees the opportunity to easily become your marketing partner or advocate for new hires, even while on the go! Create employee advocacy content in Sociuu, and share it with relevant employees in seconds on Actimo, via your API of choice. From their app, employees can easily share your content with their networks.


Simplify HR with Emply

Emply is an HCM solution that combines all HR tasks in one system. The intuitive platform supports the entire employee journey from job advertisement to resignation and optimizes and streamlines workflows for HR, leaders, and employees. The system is flexible and can be adapted to the customer's needs with the option of integrating with other systems. Through automated processes, Emply contributes to increased quality of work and frees up time for other important initiatives.

Emply + Sociuu

You can now integrate the Sociuu Employee Advocacy platform with Emply. This means that you can automatically share job ads from Emply's career page to Sociuu. From here, employees can easily share the ads on social media, which ensures that more relevant candidates see the job


Analyze + create|
at the speed of social

Today’s brands need to adapt quickly to make it to tomorrow. 
Understand and engage with your customers at the speed of social with Brandwatch, the social suite built for our fast-moving world

Brandwatch + Sociuu

Social media content created in Brandwatch is via your API key automatically transferred to the Sociuu Content Hub. This is enabling you to seamlessly engage employees and instantly get all the benefits of Employee Advocacy.