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Webinar September 19th

Join our September webinar!

Are you looking for a new way to boost your organic reach on Social Media? Do you want to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

Don’t miss our next webinar! SOCIUU is hosting ‘How to start a successful Employee Advocacy program?’. This webinar is hosted by Sociuu’s EA experts Jannik Kurth and Tijs Hemmes 

During the webinar, we will discuss how you can increase the visibility and reach of your content and how to start and optimize your Employee Advocacy approach. The webinar is entirely free, online and interactive. 

In our webinars we invite guest speakers from existing customers and we will answer any questions that you might have. 

Why is Employee Advocacy so important (latest trends, facts & figures)?

How do I secure management support?

How do I get relevant content distributed to employees?

How do I recruit & onboard employees?

How to ensure high employee engagement?

Which metrics should I consider?

How to get a clear and effective ROI?

How can a platform support the program?

September 19th, 4pm – 5 pm CET

Join the webinar

Webinar September 19th