How long is the onboarding for a new customer?

You can be onboarded and sending your first EA post within hours

Are Sociuu tied to any platform?

No. Sociuu are a “best of breed” stand alone solution


Is Sociuu GDPR compliant?

Yes, Sociuu have been designed around the principles of data protection by design & default, while supporting and enabling our customers to maintain a high compliance level.


Will our data leave the EU?

No, Sociuu and all sub processors are located within the EU.

Will employees have to connect with their personal SoMe profiles?

No. No integrations between employees personal SoMe account and Sociuu


Will employees have to login to share content?

No. employees will have no login requirement and be able to share through one-click directly from the invitation email


Which networks does Sociuu ”push” to?

Out of box Sociuu connect to; Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, VK and OK.


Can I view my invitation email before sending it to employees?

Yes. You can send a preview mail to yourself


Can I automatically get content into Sociuu?

Yes. You can integrate Company Social media accounts as well as any RSS feed to the Content Hub


Can I schedule send out?



Can I get custom email address and URL domain?



Can I identify my best performing content?

Yes. Sociuu is offering extensive insight and statistic on detailed level designed to enable administrators optimize program 


Can I identify my most active employee advocates?

Yes. The statistics gives you detailed performance insight on individual level


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