When Topdanmark first started with employee advocacy, the purpose was clear: to help their sales professionals utilize social media in their individual sales and lead generating activities.

To do this, Topdanmark knew they had to create relevant diversified content that each sales representative easily could share with their network.




Open rate Campaign mails


Employee Adaption Rate

Key takeaways

Sociuu has become an integrated element of Topdanmark’s sales activities and is rated as an important tool by both the sales professionals and the management.


Topdanmarks Approach to Employee Advocacy

The success criteria for using employee advocacy as part of the sales process is built on three key pillars:


  1. Build general top of mind branding
  2. Drive web traffic
  3. Strengthen lead qualification


Getting it right means establishing a structured and simple setup, frequently creating diversified, ready-to-post content to sales professionals and utilizing Sociuu’s “one-click” feature which makes it simple and hassle free for employees to share content.

To ensure that the initiative keeps bringing value, the success is measured on sale professionals’ satisfaction as well as the use of the tool – and so far, the results are great.


“The insights and statistics provided in Sociuu gives Topdanmark a superb performance overview. It also gives actual data for how and where to improve and even more important it provides frequent updates to the participants – to keep things transparent, simple and with a sense of purpose.”


— Tobias Greibe, Employee Advocacy Manager Topdanmark

All Results

Within the first year of employee advocacy being used for sales support, the results are difficult to ignore:

  • The employee adoption is as high as 78%
  • Average open rate of campaign mails is 90%
  • Average engagement rate on posts is 53% (of adopted users)
  • ROI reaching more than 210% in earned media value