Carl Ras has empowered their employer brand together with engaged employees

Carl Ras’ primary focus with using Sociuu is to generate interest among potential job candidates through social media and reinforce their employer brand. With a goal of establishing stronger connections with relevant stakeholders and job applicants, Carl Ras is working to create a powerful and engaging narrative about their company. Employee advocacy allows them to showcase their values, culture, and vision in a way that resonates with the target audience.


Through their employee advocacy efforts, Carl Ras have achieved unforeseen benefits, including a highly engaged and motivated workforce. Employees are enthusiastic about participating in the employee advocacy program and many are sharing the stories of Carl Ras. This has created a positive and proud work culture where employees feel involved and connected to the company’s mission.

€ 19.000

Earned Media Value 2022


Average Click Share


Return on investment

Key takeaways

Carl Ras managed to increase their social media interaction while seeing their workforce become increasingly engaged in company communications.

The storytelling about our work and company culture is now known, shown, and shared by employees, which is reflected in our employee satisfaction rate.

The Sociuu platform enabled us to match relevant content to relevant employees and has resulted in a higher stakeholder response and engagement among employees.

Employees’ sharing of open positions and great stories about our workplace is an important element of our HR activities – both for our recruitment and employer branding. By enabling our employees with the storytelling around it, we have achieved great visibility in the media presence that continuously guides new stakeholders our way and new followers.”



-Emilie Greve Falbe-Hansen,

Communication Manager


Attracting potential candidates with Sociuu and empowering a proud team

By leveraging social media to engage with potential job candidates and reinforce our employer brand, Carl Ras aims to attract the right talent and build a stronger and more connected team. The result of this effort is a more vibrant and dynamic company culture that resonates with both current and future employees.

The storytelling about our great place to work is now an internalized story.

“Now we are able to build on the whole storytelling about our workplace together with our employees and we see how this creates a proud team. In fact, our employees now express the company’s value when describing their work and contribution.

Employee engagement and employer branding has contributed to great pride and the best place to work! Our employees really have internalized our key message #ArbejdsglædeVoresVigtigsteVærktøj, emphasizing our focus on job satisfaction, and in 2022, we were rated as the second-best workplace in Denmark by Great Place to Work, and number 1 best to inclusion.”


Easier for us to share more and get more visibility.

“With Sociuu we can truly see a much higher number of visits to our job site, employer branding news, and interest in Carl Ras. When we get our employees to share open positions and stories about our workplace, it achieves significant attention and interaction – and we can see that our employees love to share the stories and job posts when we send them.”

“And with the system’s usability and integration, it is effortless and easy for me to come up with this in a busy everyday life. I would never be able to achieve this attention myself and communicate with so many without my colleagues sharing our stories.”

About Carl Ras

Carl Ras is a Danish wholesaler within tools and fittings started in 1932 and now employs over 400 across headquarters in Herlev and 19 shops in Denmark