Getting more visible to stakeholders with employee advocacy

As one of Denmark’s leading advisory and accounting firms, Beierholm have an obligation towards their customers to inform them about various rules, regulations and new relevant verdicts. However, busy schedules make it challenging for employees to maintain a strong presence on social media.

That is where Sociuu comes in. By using the Sociuu platform, the employees have been able to effectively increase their social media presence and make the most of it.

Additionally, Beierholm have seen how their content has been receiving a significant amount of attention increase since implementing Sociuu.


Engagement Rate



€ 49.800

Earned Media Value 2022

Key takeaways

Adding values to stakeholders

With this program, Beierholm are increasing their social media presence and enable stakeholders with relevant news about regulations, tendencies and tips.

With a high employee engagement rate, Beierholm experienced a broader reach with a lower cost when compared to paid media prices. 

An easy and structured way to share relevant news with employees. 

2 years and counting with high employee engagement

Beierholm started their Employee Advocacy journey in autumn of 2020 with a 6 months “proof of concept”. The POC was a success and Beierholm decided to continue the well-structured and consistent process via the platform and increased the number of employees invited to join the program.


“We have great minded employees, who wish to help our clients. They wish to keep the clients updated, but it can be difficult for our busy accountants to utilize social media to their potential on a daily basis. We were therefore really grateful to see, how our employees have committed to this program and support it with a 70% engagement rate” 


With the mission of helping clients, employee advocacy has become a significant resource that ensures relevant information is shared with relevant stakeholders, as an addition to the more general media announcements and traditional channels like the company’s newsletter.


“Our content lives longer, and our employees share the news with relevant stakeholders, that they know can benefit from these news.” 


“… And from a business point of view, we are also happy to see, that we have a 5,4*times return of investment (ROI) with this program, when we look at the earned media value we gain from this.”

A result that truly illustrates how Beierholm succeeds in providing value with their employee advocacy program.


– Kasper Knapp Pihl
Seniorkonsulent, Kommunikation & marketing


About Beierholm

Beierholm is one of the top 5 largest accountant firms in Denmark.