Ziik customers now has the possibility to connect all their digital content and channels in Sociuu`s content hub, enabling easy distribution to relevant employees all ready on Ziik`s newsfeed, chat or group features. From there employees can share news, job posts, social media content and much more, with their connections and friends on social media – which in turn will provide Ziik customers with increased access to talents and candidates, and strengthen their presences on social media.

“We are really exited about the fantastic opportunity this is for our customers – as they now, besides using Ziik for internal communication, information to employees and creating a great culture, also can enable employees to share news, jobs and employer branding content on social media. A great way to make employees true ambassadors”, says Christopher Cato Lavebrand Head of Partnerships in Ziik.

Sociuu sees great potential and value in the partnership

“We are thrilled with this integration, as it provides Ziik customers, with a measureable and seamless way to engage their employees in their external communication, thereby improving the overall employee engagement – and get a significant increase in reach on social media.”, says Per John Jensen, CEO in Sociuu.

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Zink re-thinks the intranet, with an all-in-one communication and information sharing platform, securing better employee engagement. 

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Sociuu is a leading employee advocacy platform, helping companies increase employee engagement and strengthen the companies presences on social media.

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