The current situation

The current situation has come with new and unknown challenges for companys, authorities and organisations – on not least to how to communicate via our social media presences.

Not surprisingly, the short term effect on the usage of social media has shown that we need to have even more focus on these channels, to encounter the current “overflow” of information and content – but it also leaves us uncertain on which content to use, what messages to send and formats used.

Many in Marketing/SoMe has consequently totally or partly shut down paid and promotional content, as reach and conversion are very low given the situation.

What`s left is then how to create and distribute content that performs organically, now that paid and promoted engagement are declining rapidly.

HR are left with the dilemma whether it makes sense to post vacancies and employer branding content, in a time where employees are sent home – or even worse have been laid off..

Likewise HR also needs to secure that employees still feel involved and that they “belong” – even at a distance.

In Comms focus needs to be at curating content, as it is more than ever important to secure that content is vetted properly – and equally important that the volume, the effect and the relevance is adjusted to the current situation.

You have to consider that the “attention span” on social media, compared to normal circumstances, are much larger these days. The “radar” is on high alert on our company content foremost amongst our employees – but also amongst our customers and business partners.

In Sales the effect is very real. Postponed projects and meetings are just some of it – further sales staff has to adjust to a 100% digital approach, and their personal social media presence and saviness is really put to the test.

At the same time the normal lead flow from Marketing is rapidly declining, and doing outbound can seem and be perceived “odd” given the current situation.

C-level has to balance their communication even more now.

How active should management

How active should management be on social media ?

What`s my role, now that the preferred channel are social media in relations to our employees, customers and stakeholders?

And how much should this be prioritized ? ?

In general we are left with more questions than answers, but no matter what we need to address them and act accordingly.

Here at Sociuu we notice that our customers currently are benefitting from using employee advocacy in 5 main areas;

  • Securing precise, curated and relevant content on social media.
  • Making their content and communication safe, relevant and inclusive for their employees.
  • Using organic distribution and reach in the current lack of effect from paid and promoted campaigns.
  • Supporting sales staff and customer service with appropriate content.
  • Act as vital channel for managements external communication.

We are more than happy to share our insights and experiences, so if you are facing similar challenges as above, do feel free to get in touch for a talk.