Big headline – and you are probably wondering: Has the algorithms changed ? Is it a new content format/type ?

No – it`s much simpler – and a great opportunity for all companies!

As we are jumping in to 2022, on the back of the pandemic and all the adjustments made (and the ones we are planning to do going forward) it`s gone a bit under the radar that LinkedIn actually released a seemingly small, but actually quite a big feature – if used properly; Competitor Analytics
Now, as soon as we go in to the admin area of LinkedIn company pages you probably would assume that above is only interesting for LinkedIn company page admins – but hang tight! If you are in Comms, HR, Marketing, Branding/PR et al, this could prove quite interesting for you as well;-)

Firstly – what is it that LinkedIn`s competitor analytics brings us ? And where to find it ?


1. It`s present in the admin area of your LinkedIn company page;


2. Besides seeing your own numbers, you can now add competitors (up to 9 currently) by hitting;


3. Just type in the name of the competitor – so if you are Burger King…;


4. Now you`ll see “follower metrics”;


5.  And, “Total engagements” & “Total posts” (in this case past 12 mths) ;


6. You can access “Total engagements” by clicking it, which brings you to the breakdown;


Now – lets do the math !

McDonald`s total audience on their LinkedIn Company page; 

1,580,744 followers + 371.993 employees = total audience 1.952.737

12 mths Interactions;

“Reactions” (167.352) + “Comments” (6271) = 173.623 “Interactions” with total audience


7230 shares of “Total posts” (500) = 14,46 shares per post or share rate of 0,0007 % per post based on audience size!

So how can McDonald`s optimize their LinkedIn company page presence ?

They have the following options;

A. Post more content

Doable – but based on the numbers it would probably increase Interactions – but hardly be significant on shares. And, every audience have a content saturation point, which the clever people at McDonalds probably all ready figured out.

B. Increase follower base

Again, doing this organically would call for either investing in new content types and/or increase content volume – or allocate paid budget.

C. Increase shares

This is where it gets interesting;-) 371.993 McDonalds employees have attached their personal LinkedIn account with McDonalds company page. If McDonalds made an effort to engage them in sharing their content, and got just 10% of them to share once monthly, the increase of shares would be +446.391 shares per year (as opposed to the current 7230!)

The value of this increase in shares are many;
1. Reach
According to LinkedIn the avg. number of connections per user is 400 – so the added shares will represent a total increase in  reach of 178.556.400 
2. Clicks on content
Sociuu`s employee advocacy benchmarks shows that each share by an employee generates in avg. 5,2 clicks, which would then provide McDonalds with an added total of 2.321.233 clicks
3. Earned Media Value
Based on the cost of paid, in LinkedIn`s case avg. $2-3 per click, the earned media value would be in the area of $5.803.083
4. Derived values
Besides the added reach, clicks and direct earned media value – think what this would do to their PR/Branding, Talent attraction/recruitment, general employee engagement, SOV etc.

Are your numbers any different from McDonald`s ?

No – and you have exactly the same opportunity, namely to put (some of) your money in involving and engaging your employees and really increase sharing of your content going in to 2022.