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LinkedIn recently announced that they are shutting down LinkedIn Elevate as a separate stand alone employee advocacy product EOY 2020.


So whether you are using Elevate today – or if it was in your scope planning your employee advocacy program -you need an alternative.


Elevate seemed to be the go-to product especially for larger enterprises, as it should take out the hassle of implementing a third party tool, on-boarding employees, and get access to stats & insights incorporated in the company page.


However, Elevate did have quite some limitations when it comes to running a strategic employee advocacy program – and in addition a price tag, that for many has been quite hard to justify.


Sociuu as an alternative to LinkedIn Elevate?

Our employee advocacy platform is used by enterprises globally, in all industries.


We have a strong focus on;

Reason 1: Employee Engagement:


The essential “pulse” of any employee advocacy program is to activate and sustain employee engagement. In Sociuu, you can exactly match relevant content with employees field of work and professional interests, which increases engagement from both employees and their professional network.


Reason 2: Data ethics:


Sociuu is not tied to a specific medium, nor is any third party logins or social connects required for employees to participate, and data from employees private social media accounts are not accessed/used.


Reason 3: Metrics & Business Values:


We offer comprehensive stats & insights designed to keep momentum, and in addition we offer seamless built-in integration with your favorite analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo/Piwik). Combined you can derive and report on the business values created from your EA program – including clicks, video views, earned media value and much more across multiple medias.


Reason 4: No logins & No apps to download for employees – no hassle.


Your employees – your advocates – does not need any login or another new username and password to remember. Nor is downloading an app or connecting private social media accounts required. Sociuu simply use your existing email infrastructure, serving a one-click share for employees.


Reason 5: Multiple medias (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,,, Instagram)


We believe that specific media should not be limiting your access to your target groups and audiences, so we have included several, and are constantly expanding the list available.


Put us to the test!

We are confident that Sociuu will fit your needs for a fully compliant, no hassle and engaging employee advocacy platform – so do put us to the test;-)

Get your 30 day free trial right here – or if you have questions before going ahead feel free to contact us