Many employees have these days been sent home to work – and many are working hard in keeping up our vital infrastructures, hospitals and food supplies going – we owe them huge thanks for doing this extra effort!


Help employees 

In the current situation, it can be a hard task for Comms to keep employees in the communication loop – and not only that – but also to help them filtrate the current content overflow on social media, and make sure that ones corporate content is available to them.


Employee Advocacy has typically been used for employees to involve their professional networks in news, articles, job posts, promotions and workplace stories from the company.


But we currently see that it can also be an information “safe haven” for employees in the current situation, where it`s important to communicate – but equally important to do so hand in hand with your employees.


Employee Advocacy To the Rescue

Employee Advocacy gives Comms the opportunity to communicate curated, precise, timely and shareable information to employees.


Involving employees provides them with a continued “sense of belonging”, and assurance when it comes to what content to share given the current situation.


Some examples of content shared by employees of our customers;