The trend for corporate social media presences in centralizing efforts to fewer company pages , leaves a huge gap for local content to thrive and reach local audiences. It opens up difficulties in getting valuable local market insights and learnings. And not least it poses the risk for local employees to feel less involved.

Even though centralization brings advantages, the cost of not really being able to accommodate local markets on social media is not one that needs to be accepted.

Let your employees help localize your presences!

For example, running a centralized global LinkedIn company page, leaves you with little options to make an impact with your content, as you are left with one single feed to cater all of your efforts. You can easily expand this single feed to 100`s or 1000`s by involving your employees in local markets, to share local content with their networks.

The math is pretty simple: Employees networks on LinkedIn are dominated by business connections from the market they are operating in, hence the effect of involving them will have much more impact than your corporate efforts;-)

Even if you are operating with only english content, employees can add local language intros when sharing content, thereby value adding your content.

A plethora of benefits!

By using employee advocacy for localization of your content you`ll instantly get – if not a plethora – then really valuable advantages;

  • Optimized brand awareness from employees in all of your markets

  • Great insights and learnings from local regions and markets

  • Cost of translating and localizing content, will be based on insights and data – not assumptions

  • Increased brand performance in local markets and regions

  • Access to potential customers and talents that can`t be reached via your corporate presences

Just a few of the advantages in using employee advocacy to support your brand localization efforts – you can probably come up with many more;-)

Put it to the test!

If you are recognizing the challenges, why not put it to the test ? Get 100 days of employee advocacy right here: