Everybody`s talking about it: Employee Advocacy. But what outcomes can your company expect ?

Based on our experiences in implementing employee advocacy in companies ranging form 50 to +20.000 employees, this blog post gives you 5 direct advantages that your company will achieve within the first 100 days!

#1 Employees actually do want to be involved in your Brand!

Based on all our customers Sociuu`s employee engagement benchmark i 23,1 % – i.e. when inviting 100 employees to share your articles, jobpost`s, news etc. 23 out of 100 will do it!

And – 1 year later +60% will have interacted with & shared company content at least 1 time!

#2 You`ll leave competition behind!

Our customers experiences in avg. 25% increased visibility on their corporate social media channels.

Traffic from social to web increases with up to 400%.

Audience engagement on your social media channels will increase – and compared to your competition you will be in the pole position!

#3 Talent attraction and social recruitment will get a quality boost!

Your jobpost`s, employer branding and talent attraction will start flowing in your employees professional networks, thereby enabling a far more qualitative & quantitative effect to support your recruitment efforts.

You will further be able to be much more on target towards candidates and talents via involving your employees – and they will be able to have a direct dialogue with them.

#4 Employees will feel much safer when handling your Brand!

Simply by telling employees what they can share, when & why, and on which social media, you will experience that they will feel much safer in interacting with, and sharing your content.

It will provide you with authenticity and trustworthiness amongst your audiences, that your employees are comfortable with your brand!

#5 You`ll get unique insights in your employees brand engagement!

If your employees does`nt know and vouches for your brand – how and why should your customers ?

Employee Advocacy gives you important and business critical insights and learnings, on how your employees perceives and adopts your Brand.

Experience the effects of Employee Advocacy in your company!