Love affairs calls for passion, involvement, hard work, and affection. (And probably a zillion other things;-)

Assuming love, just because you share a house, an interest or a workplace is not really valid.

Same goes for the “Brand/Employees” love affair! Not many employment contracts – if any – calls for mutual affection, involvement and passion in the job description.

Let your Brand date your employees!

The worst thing that could happen is that they decide to just be friends, and friends take care of each other;-)

Involvement, engagement and passion is fueling love, and they are components that we all wish our employees has in relations to our Brand.

So – how to make employees and our Brand fall in love ?

Firstly – pave the way. If your are still running old school brand management involving only the designated small circle of stakeholders, you need to expand to include all employees.

The “brand experience” is equally vital for employees as it is for customers – maybe even more !

Here, employee advocacy comes in quite handy, as a mean to involve, engage and motivate your employees on a day to day basis.

And – employee advocacy also provides you with unique insights and learnings on the employee brand love factor;-)

Imagine having insights like this, that tells you all employees brand engagement;


Make your Brand sexy to employees!

All employees in your company, whether they work in sales, production, IT et al, has a connection to your brand based on their fields of expertise.

This connection is based on a professional passion that -combined with your brand – can make each employee a passionate brand advocate.

So by targeting and narrow casting your brand content internally based on above, it will go from boring to sexy;-)

Making the first move!

As with all relationships someone has to make the first move! Are you up for it ?