As frustrating as it might be it`s a fact that corporate social media presences are in a downwards free fall when it comes to traffic, engagement and conversions.

Keeping up momentum by increasing paid budgets are not only increasingly expensive – moreover it`s met with almost 80% of users frequently using adblockers.

The organic and viral party is also over, as the followers we so heavily invested in gaining, seems to either de-follow us, or simply ignore our efforts.

It puzzles me that company page admins seems to ignore this absence of audiences, and keep spending (a lot of) money and efforts feeding the corporate channels…to practically no use.

When I ask admins about the actual avg. engagement on for example their LinkedIn company page, answers range from 0,5 – 3%. Or in other words 97 – 99,5% of the company page “followers” do not engage in the content.

It`s due time to re-boot and explore alternatives!

Firstly you need to acknowledge the limitations of your corporate social media presences. For most companies we are talking about 3-4 corporate presences – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter being the dominant ones. So – in essence you only have 3-4 feeds to distribute your content through.

What if you had 500, 1000 or 20.000 feeds ?

By involving employees in distributing your corporate content you`ll get access to their high quality networks of potential customers & talents – and even better – it`s your employees backing it;-). And it will provide you with a major boost in visibility and reach.

Employees: 1 – Company page: 0

Most content on corporate pages are…well “corporate”, to the extend of boring..Employees can “un-brand” your content simply by adding their personal intro`s when sharing, thereby adding authenticity and trustworthiness to your content.

Employees: 2 – Company page: 0

Measurement, KPI`s, Stats…Company pages gives you limited insights in how your content really performs. It does`nt tell you anything about the “peer-to-peer” effect of employees distributing and sharing your content. It does`nt really give you insights to learn from, and it leaves you with basically no clue in what your audiences would like to know about your company.

Employee Advocacy will provide you with targeted “peer-to-peer” actionable insights, and with business critical learnings on how customers, talents – and your employees – perceives your branding efforts.

So it`s…

Employees: 3 – Company page: 0

Turn your corporate presences performance from a loosing streak, to a winning one with Employee Advocacy!

Try it out!