Implementing Employee Advocacy in 2020 should be the easiest decision for a company to make! Here’s 5 reasons why.


1 )Help yourself by helping your employees

We are all building our personal brand on social media, especially on professional networks, and we rely more than ever on the knowledge shared – and the business opportunities created.

We share and digest loads of professional and interesting content – and if not supplied by our workplace, we`ll look elsewhere for it.

Your employees would love to share your content with their networks – you just need cater them!

2) Corporate organic reach is dead – long live employee driven organic reach

Take 5 min. to check organic engagement on your corporate SoMe presences – weep for a while, dry your eyes, and then start activating your employees. Needless to say more.


3) Recruitment & Talent attraction – do you believe in employee referrals?

If so, (If not – why?) then consider this; Unless you have unlimited budgets, there is no way you`ll meet your targets without employee advocacy. Our benchmarks shows that up to 30% of applicants today comes from employee referrals via employee advocacy.