Employee advocacy is for employees, and without employees it is just advocacy. In brief, everyone wants to be involved, everyone has their field of expertise that is relevant to their specific networks and it is therefore not wise to exclude anyone from participation.

Involve everyone

Having a solid employee and ambassador base, expectations and reality will also correspond. Going with a too small and often already social media active employee base will not get you very far. Instead of going with a too small employee group, structuring employee advocacy so you match employees with relevant content. In this way, you will not only drive engagement, you will also avoid your employee advocacy programme being regarded as exclusive, spamming or pushy.

Your status quo is a solid starting point

We often see that employee advocacy is blown out of proportions. Most companies have good content and do not have to fix anything in that regards. With employee advocacy, you activate your corporate content by letting qualifying it, personalizing it and then sharing it with their relevant connections. Go with relevance over quantity to drive engagement. 

Go with the flow

Employee advocacy is nothing new. We actually do it all the time. We brag about our successes, projects, colleagues and so forth. We share available content, articles and job posting on different social media platforms. By choosing a platform such as Sociuu, you will beyond data on content performans understand what drives engagement amongst the employees. To do this, it is necessary that employee advocacy is a natural part of the workflow and that employees are presentet with: what to share, when to share it and on which SoMe platforms. 

Easy peasy!

Let us helt you launch an effective and engaging employee advocacy programme.