Personal Branding on all levels are becoming essential if you want to stand out from the crowd – or at least keep up with the competition. For start-ups, a strong personal branding of the founders is literally what makes or breaks your business, and for corporations it has become non-negotiable that key personnel have to maintain a professional personal brand either as thought leaders, experts or niche influencers – not just on C-level – but on all levels.

“The Me Inc.”

So what`s the benefits of running “The Me Inc” ? Foremost, the process of building your personal brand is meaningful and authentic, which again will provide you with confidence and self-esteem – and an audience that actually listens and interacts with you. And again – this goes for both the entrepreneur as well as for the corporate thought leader, influencer or expert. Further, establishing and running the “Me Inc.” will provide new opportunities, influence, network – and business!

Who are the “Me Inc`s” in your company?

Social networks can easily provide you with answers to which employees within your organisation stands out with their personal brand building. Some does it intentionally and structured – some are just natural borns. A simple LinkedIn people search including your company name and maybe your preferred hashtags will provide you with a top list of employees all ready way ahead with their personal brand building. Added to the LinkedIn search you can just as well include a google search to get an idea of which topics, articles and subjects they excel in.

Why the “Me Inc.`s” is important for your company

They are a great asset as thought leaders, experts and influencers in networks you have no chance to reach with corporate branding, and their personal branding can do wonders to your employer branding, social business and be an inspiration to co-workers. That`s why it is imperative that you embrace and nurture the “Me Inc.`s”!

Driving Employee Brand Engagement

Combining your corporate brand efforts with your “Me Inc.`s” will drive and optimize your employee brand engagement – and including all employees with company wide employee advocacy will improve it even further. With an employee advocacy program you can measure Employee Brand Engagement, and build a strategy for your social business based on solid business targets – instead of old school vanity metrics; likes, emojis, views and followers…